As a consultant, SACAM represents and defends the interests of its clients in respect of the Insurance Company, providing all the information necessary to avoid wrong choices that may result in complications, difficulties and economic losses.
SACAM helps to achieve better coverage of all the assets of Clients, their financial stability and their responsibilities and protection of their staff.

SACAM assists the Client and manages constant risk control and updates its insurance program, providing all relevant information to positively determine the right insurance policy.

In the event of a claim, SACAM will follow the Client until the remittance of the damage.
Identification and evaluation of risks

The first step to building a solid insurance coverage is a careful analysis of the risk involved.

We have observed that Clients, due to wrong habits and practices, are not always aware of the important areas of risk. Incorrect evaluation at this stage could lead to under insurance (or even an absence of insurance coverage) and therefore a lower or no-compensation in case of damage.

Our task is to advise our clients by helping them to identify the risks associated with their activities, collecting information with visits and inspections at the workplace and working with managers of each sector of the firm;
then, we assist our clients in assessing the possible frequency of negative events and their eventual economic weight.
Prevention, Protection and Risk Transfer

The likelyhood of a possible damage may be reduced by adopting adequate prevention measures (separation, changes in the procedures, outsourcing, etc.)..

The extent of the damage may be limited by applying the correct protections.

For this reason we support our clients by providing them with advice on the prevention and protection of current and future risks.
The risks that may not be eliminated or reduced need to be managed properly: when possible inside the Company; otherwise through the transfer of risks to an insurance Company.
Determination of the assets to be ensured

For business Assets, in all the " full value” formulae, a proper assessment is crucial , because an underinsured situation compared to the actual value results in a proportional reduction of compensation in case of damage ( art.1907 of the Civil Code ) .
To avoid this possibility, there is the institution of " advance estimate " : companies specialized in estimating the assets and determining their value over time. The presence of the estimate also reduces the amount of the damage , minimizing the chance of disagreement on the quantification of the individual assets.

The determination of the amounts to be insured for the protection of people ( injury, illness , reimbursement of medical expenses ) is based on a careful assessment of the activity, the risks to which the same are exposed , the remuneration received and , where appropriate, the business roles covered ( Key Man).

To establish a proper ceiling to cover Third Party Liability and Employees Liability , SACAM analyzes and constantly monitor the trends of the courts and their judgments.
Determination of deductibles and self insurance

The general principle of insurance is never to ensure all the damage down to the first euro – it might prove unnecessarily burdensome - but only those that might unbalance the activity or jeopardize the life of the company.

For this reason, it is good practice to set an initial deductible of the damage (if it is determined according to a specific amount, a self insurance if it is a percentage) that is sustainable without difficulty and, if it is the case, use the savings to further raise the limits to ensure.

SACAM places the utmost importance at this stage, to give customers the information and assessments to enable them to make profitable choices.
Choice of formula

We provide our Clients with all the information to enable them to independently assess the various solutions and choose the one which best suits their needs.

For the insurance of assets there are two main formulae: the first, LISTED RISKS, specifies all the risks that are covered and the second, ALL RISKS , includes damages, except for declared exclusions. The latter, which may be apparently preferable , generally provides a deductible and a higher premium rate.
Responsibility insurance is based on the principle of neminem laedere (art. 2043 of the Civil Code). The evolution of civic life and the consequent responsibilities that emerge require the utmost care in the preparation of the texts, with particular attention to limitations and exclusions.
For people insurance the tendency of the market is to include all the risks to which the individual might be subject to . We must pay attention to the limits for hazardous activities or sports and to deductibles.
For the multi-risk insurance or special risks, the field of modern formulae that allow the most advanced markets to meet the various needs is vast, and the experience of a professional allows you to find the most suitable cover for the risks involved.
Drafting of the proposal

Once the values ​​to ensure and the choice of the formula have been chosen, it is necessary to draft a proposal for the presentation of the risks to the insurance market.

Therefore, we assist our Clients for data collection and the presentation of this document, and we pay the utmost attention to terms, exclusions and limitations, providing our experience in the exclusive interest of the Client by trying to protect him in the best way possible, giving him advice on drawing up contracts that are tailored to its characteristics and particular dimension.
Market survey and choice of solution

SACAM, as a broker, acts on behalf of its Clients and in their interest, without having to depend on Insurance Companies by searching for the best solutions on the Italian and international markets and, in the latter case, complying with the national rules.

The choice of the insurance company should focus on the strength, experience in risk management, and, in particular, an effective and a quick response in the event of a claim.

In search of the most advanced formulae of coverage, since 2002 we have established relationships with Lloyd's of London, becoming a correspondent.
Management of policies

We deal with Insurance Companies, even for ongoing policies by:
  • notifying Clients of any contractual maturity for the renewal of the guarantees, we send any cancellations of contracts that do not comply with the features provided in the preliminary study.
  • checking requests for payment of premiums on the part of Companies
  • sending reminders to the Client to update the values insured
  • filling in statements to be sent to the insurer also in consideration of changes to the insured risks
  • dealing with requests for data (the existence of goods in stock, actual salaries and / or sales value of contract at the end of the work, etc..) to be transmitted to the Companies
  • collecting premiums from clients on behalf of the Companies
Claims Management

Should an accident occur, the insurance cover reveals its effectiveness.
For many companies a proper drafting of the insurance program and a competent handling of claims have brought about the survival and maintenance of jobs and wealth.

SACAM provides full assistance in this delicate phase, according to the following:
  • by establishing a procedure for the notification of claim
  • assisting clients in writing the accident report
  • after checking the policy guarantees, suggesting names of experts
  • attending meetings with the Companies and / or with experts
  • urging the parties concerned on the definition of the damage
  • attending the signature of the deed and assuring the settlement on behalf of the Client.
collaborating on a regular basis for SACAM are four law firms for several types of litigation, three engineering studies at national level for advice and expertise, two coroner firms for liability and one civil liability accidents.
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Periodical checks and updates of the insurance program

SACAM assists the client and manages the constant risk control and update of its insurance program, giving all the ancillary information on new products put on the market and any useful news.

At least once a year SACAM will arrange a meeting with the company's management and the employees in charge of insurances to review the situation and evaluate new requirements, preparing the appropriate response.
Tradition involves presenting a summary of that program, summarized in the so-called Red Book, now available in electronic form.

SACAM supports its Clients by providing training and updating to the person who, within the Company, is responsible for managing insurance as well as data collection, recording, and everything else needed for a smooth and effective collaboration.
Analysis of existing portfolios

SACAM experts are available to analyze existing portfolios and to prepare the observations and proposals, suggest actions in order to build a balanced and comprehensive insurance program.

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